Ill Keep You Close


Ill Keep You Close

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Jeska doesn’t know why her mother keeps the curtains drawn so tightly every day. And what exactly is she trying to drown out when she floods the house with Mozart? What are they hiding from?

When Jeska’s grandmother accidentally calls her by a stranger’s name, she seizes her first clue to uncovering her family’s past, and hopefully to all that’s gone unsaid. With the help of an old family photo album, her father’s encyclopedia collection, and the unquestioning friendship of a stray cat, the silence begins to melt into frightening clarity: Jeska’s family survived a terror that they’ve worked hard to keep secret all her life. And somehow, it has both nothing and everything to do with her, all at once.

A true story of navigating generational trauma as a child, I’ll Keep You Close is about what comes after disaster: how survivors move forward, what they bring with them when they do, and the promise of beginning again while always keeping the past close.

‘A quiet, child’s-eye look into the effects of intergenerational trauma, from a guileless, devastating poet. Beautiful and unforgettable.’ Alice Pung, award-winning author of Laurinda

ISBN: 9781760526917
Publication date: 01/02/2022
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Format: Paperback
Temporarily out of stock
Publishing status: Due February
Author: Verstegen, Jeska
Imprint: Allen and Unwin