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Welcome to the UBS Campus bookstore. We have been part of the University of Canterbury for over 45 years – both at Ilam and in the centre city.

You will rapidly discover our point of difference with other bookstores. We go well-beyond a chain-store “top 20”. Our range of books is vast and our experienced staff take pride in choosing the books you will want to read.

UBS has a wide selection of both fiction and non-fiction. We carry new titles and an extensive and credible backlist of past classics. New Zealand titles are strongly represented and we have a lively children’s section. There is always a steady stream of students and staff in the bookstore, but it is also home to many of the city’s readers. Everyone is welcome to browse and shop.

UBS is renowned for hosting many authors at the launching of their books. You are welcome to go onto our mailing list for these events. Normally held on a mid-week evening at 5.30-7pm, our regular customers love these occasions.

Customers’ special orders have always been an area of expertise with UBS. We use specialised search engines to locate hard-to-find books.

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Why UBS?
UBS Campus store has the texts you urgently require, in-store now. Pick up your books today OR order now on line, for immediate delivery.
Be quick for second-hand texts at cheaper prices. We buy and sell.
UBS Campus store has the correct information for your courses. We are the major UC supplier of texts and have expert staff on hand to help you find your books.
UBS Campus store is a one-stop shop for texts, paperbacks, sale books, mags, phone cards, gifts, and all your stationery needs.
A whole team of book nerds!
At UBS we all love books. We have a great staff ready to help find the perfect book for any occasion. From something to read on the bus to a technical tome or text book. If you have any questions or need help finding anything just pop in and ask.
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University Book Shop
03 364 2043 or 0800 827 266

10.00am - 3.00pm

University Drive
Christchurch 8041

(Free parking outside)