Dinosaur Hunter Joan Wiffen’s Awesome Fossil Discoveries


Dinosaur Hunter Joan Wiffen’s Awesome Fossil Discoveries

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The remarkable true story of science superstar Joan Wiffen, whose fossil discoveries proved that dinosaurs lived in ancient New Zealand.

Once there was a clever girl who liked searching for interesting things on the ground. She wanted to know why shells could be found in rocks so far away from the sea. But her father thought education was no use to a girl, so Joan had to leave school.

Many years later, she bought an old map. To her amazement, she saw that it marked a treasure hoard. Not of gold and jewels, but of dinosaur bones.

Nobody had ever found dinosaur fossils in New Zealand before – in fact, top scientists had said it was impossible. But Joan was intrigued. She decided to learn everything she could about palaeontology and hunt for these dinosaur fossils.

This is the fifth picture book in an acclaimed series of true stories about the lives of famous Kiwis written by David Hill and magnificently illustrated by Phoebe Morris.

ISBN: 9780143773221
Publication date: 06/08/2019
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Format: Hardback
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Author: Hill, David
Illustrator: Phoebe Morris
Imprint: Puffin