You’re Joking Become an Expert Joke Teller


You’re Joking Become an Expert Joke Teller

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Tired of no-one laughing at your jokes?

You don’t have be.

Joke-telling is a skill, like playing the piano or juggling live hedgehogs.

Tom E. Moffatt teaches you that skill with easy-to-follow instructions and simple exercises:

Pick the perfect joke for the situation
Discover how to use body-language, expression and timing
Practise your joke-telling with 101 hilarious jokes

With this book and a dash of practice, you’ll get the laughter and applause you deserve. Without ever needing to juggle hedgehogs.

ISBN: 9780995121041
Publication date: 10/11/2020
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Format: Paperback
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Author: Moffatt, Tom E
Illustrator: Beavis, Paul
Imprint: Write Laugh