Worse Things Happen At Sea


Worse Things Happen At Sea

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1968 – Caught in a sudden violent storm, the Wahine ferry foundered after running aground on Barrett’s Reef, attempting to enter Wellington Harbour. Battered mercilessly by the elements, the Wahine was listing heavily to starboard when the order to abandon ship was given. The tragic events that followed became our nation’s worst modern maritime disaster.

1945 – Struck by torpedoes, the USS Indianapolis sunk leaving around 880 sailors exposed in shark-infested waters with few life rafts, no food or drinking water and no sign of rescue. Their wait in those perilous waters as hope of survival slowly slipped away has become the stuff of naval nightmares.

1872 – Found seaworthy with no signs of life onboard and her cargo intact, few maritime mysteries are as intriguing and mystifying as that of the abandoned Mary Celeste. Were the absent crew a victim of mutiny or foul play? Or was this a clever case of insurance fraud?

Bear witness to some of the worst nautical disasters from New Zealand and around the world in these fascinating, and endlessly engrossing accounts inspired by John McCrystal’s radio series Shipwreck Tales. From heart-wrenching tales of survival against all odds to gob-smacking acts of foolish hubris, Worse Things Happen at Sea will keep you enthralled from the safety of dry land.

ISBN: 9781988538761
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