Under the Covers Secrets of a Magazine Editor


Under the Covers Secrets of a Magazine Editor

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Former editor Jenny Lynch takes the wraps off the unreported side of life in print, explodes myths, unearths secrets and shows that even on seemingly conservative publications such as the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly things were seldom exactly as they seemed. Her memoir, aptly titled \”Under the Covers\”, is a revealing account of what went on behind the closed doors of various editorial offices and newsrooms during one of the most colourful periods in magazine and newspaper history.
Lynch’s 30-year path to her top job was full of drama and off-beat activities. But nothing she had experienced before she became editor of the Weekly prepared her for the challenges that lay ahead. Indeed, the magazine’s battle for dominance in what became known as The Magazine Wars was fought against a backdrop of management turbulence and ownership changes.
Peppered with the names of those who have touched the author’s life, including the famous and the fleeting, \”Under the Covers\” will appeal to everyone who enjoys reading about the ever-changing world of print media.

ISBN: 9780473499617
Publication date: 15/04/2020
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