Teaching Dilemmas Challenges and Opportunities T


Teaching Dilemmas Challenges and Opportunities T

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Essential text TEPI 320 semester 1, 2024
Essential text TEPI 321 semester 2, 2024
Essential text TEPP 320 semester 1, 2024
Essential text TEPP 321 semester 2, 2024

Teaching, 7e is an easy-to-use text that encourages you to become an active learner of teaching. It shows you how to think like a teacher and asks you to consider the key aspects of teaching. The book also directs you to useful teaching resources ” in text, in references and online. Case studies and reflection opportunities will get you to consider your own strengths and issues, and cover the diversity of learning styles in students, schools and the wider community as well as government and ethical requirements. This book shows you what it really means to teach, and how you can do it. You will continue to refer to this well-researched and easy-to-use text throughout your qualification, in your professional placement and into your teaching career.

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