Sports Facts at Your Fingertips


Sports Facts at Your Fingertips

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An illustrated reference guide to all kinds of sport

The ultimate pocket-sized guide to more than 120 sports, from soccer to mountain biking.

Ever wonder which is the oldest sport? Or how the Olympics came into being? Are sports the same as games? What does a midfielder do in soccer? What are bogeys, eagles, and birdies in golf? The answers to all these questions and more can be found in this pocket-sized sports book for children.

With all major team and individual sports organized into clear categories, you can navigate easily to your favourite sport and others like it. Vibrant, clear illustrations and photographs accompany bite-sized chunks of information on gameplay, rules of scoring, court and field sizes, and even equipment for different types of sport and sporting events. Find out more with stats on record breakers and top competitors in every sport. Go deeper with the reference pages on exciting achievements as well as the many sports associations and competitions on the planet.

The Pocket Eyewitness series is perfect for all children, whether they are casual sports enthusiasts or die-hard sports buffs.

ISBN: 9780241477915
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