Small Hours


Small Hours

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The eagerly awaited new novel from Bobby Palmer, author of the critically acclaimed debut Isaac and the Egg.

If you stood before sunrise in this wild old place, looking through the trees into the garden…

You’d see a father and son, a fox standing between them.
You wouldn’t know that Jack has returned from the city, still determined to be the opposite of his father. Or that Gerry would rather talk to animals than this angry man back under his roof.

You wouldn’t imagine that neither is quite who the other remembers. That someone irreplaceable is missing. That one conversation might change everything.

If you saw them in the small hours, you’d begin to piece together their story. It’s about connection and belonging – and how the world comes alive when you stop to take it in.

ISBN: 9781035402649
Publication date: 12/03/2024
Price: $37.99
RRP: $37.99
Format: Trade Paperback
Temporarily out of stock
Publishing status: Due February
Author: Palmer, Bobby
Imprint: Headline