Silence of Snow


Silence of Snow

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A compelling love story about facing one’s demons, self-medication and finding the strength to carry on, even when it seems that all is lost.

Almost qualified as an anaesthetic consultant, Rory McBride is adrift. Since a routine anaesthetic went horribly wrong, he has been plagued by sleeplessness, flashbacks, and escalating panic attacks.

Jodi Waterstone has only just started work as a first-year doctor at the same hospital in Nelson, and the night shifts, impossible workload and endless hours on duty make learning the multiple new procedures difficult.

Both are trying to keep in control of their lives, but Rory starts to self-prescribe sleeping pills and sedatives to help him get through the nights . . . and the days, especially when having to administer anaesthetics to children in theatre. Before long, the sedatives aren’t enough and he begins to inject propofol, a potent anaesthetic agent. Can Jodi save him from himself?

ISBN: 9780143773702
Publication date: 01/09/2020
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Format: Trade Paperback
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Author: Merriman, Eileen
Imprint: Black Swan