RES Insects Discover the Science and Secrets Behind the World of Insects


RES Insects Discover the Science and Secrets Behind the World of Insects

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A beautifully illustrated book looking at insects in detail, uncovering facts and stories about more than 300 species worldwide

Discover the fascinating stories behind 300 species of insects and explore their world.

Did you know that insects are essential to life on Earth? Without them we simply couldn’t exist – they pollinate our crops, break down dead matter, and play a vital role in our ecosystems. Yet their numbers are plummeting in the face of changing climates, pesticide use, and threats to their essential habitats. This cutting-edge book, grounded in the latest research by the Royal Entomological Society, teaches you all you need to know about bugs, beetles, butterflies and more – revealing how vital they are to us and we are to them.

From a look at how insects have been collected for study, to the use of insects in medicines, and their importance in art and literature, this fascinating book knits together science, food, culture and natural history.

With advice on spotting insects in a range of habitats, species identification notes, a guide to attracting beneficial insects to your outdoor space, and more, this book is the ultimate wildlife-lover’s companion.

ISBN: 9780241685921
Publication date: 26/11/2024
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