Planets Are Very, Very, Very, Far Away


Planets Are Very, Very, Very, Far Away

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Quick: Picture the solar system. Do you see nine planets on tidy rings around the Sun? Then you have been lied to!

It’s not without reason: We have to draw the solar system that way to fit it on a placemat, a lunchbox, or in an ordinary book. But that familiar diagram is wrong about almost everything – and so this is no ordinary book. Seven gatefold pages open out not once but twice, capturing our planetary neighbors at scale.

At a trillion-to-one scale, the Sun is about the size of a dime. And five feet away from the Sun, we find… Earth, the size of a pinhead. A trillion-to-one scale is not nearly small enough to fit our solar system into a book (or onto a soccer field)! How small do we need to go? Unfold the spreads to find out…

ISBN: 9781615197774
Publication date: 01/03/2022
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Format: Paperback