Nature Therapy How to Use Ecotherapy to Boost Your Sense of Well Being


Nature Therapy How to Use Ecotherapy to Boost Your Sense of Well Being

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Discover the healing power of nature with this beautiful book, which will help you reconnect with the natural world to nurture your well-being

Nature therapy is the practice of reconnecting with the natural world. Whether you find your sense of connection in the adventure of windswept cliffs, the solace of a forest, the comfort of your own garden or in the joy of tending a plant in your home, nature has the power to refresh your well-being and help you find your sense of self again.

Dive into this beautiful book to explore the benefits of the outdoors for yourself. Inside these pages you will find:
* Tips to help you discover your personal connection with nature
* Activity inspiration, from gardening and crafts to walking and wild swimming
* Advice on how to incorporate the outdoors into your daily life
* A holistic approach to wellness that’s rooted in our innate relationship with the natural world

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, improve your physical health or simply spark more joy and meaning in life, this book is the ultimate guide to unlocking the transformative power of nature.

ISBN: 9781837991488
Publication date: 12/03/2024
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Author: Dambron, Remy
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