Library of Unfinished Business


Library of Unfinished Business

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Maurice, a small-town librarian, dies one Monday morning in a fiery car crash, and finds himself in a very unexpected afterlife, in which naked people host cocktail parties and an angelic mafia calls the shots. Meanwhile, Maurice’s daughter struggles to come to terms with the death of a father she barely knew, and starts writing letters to him, trying to make sense of her family’s complicated history. As Andy comes closer to discovering a long-hidden secret, Maurice and Kit uncover a terrifying heavenly plot, and for the first time ever Maurice must decide: will he stand and fight for something … or risk losing everything?

A wonderfully original read, this debut novel is a cross between Alice Sebold’s ‘The Lovely Bones’ … and anything by Jasper Fforde.

ISBN: 9780473582036
Publication date: 07/03/2022
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Format: Paperback
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Author: Bell, Patricia
Imprint: Cloud Ink Press