How to Loiter In a Turf War


How to Loiter In a Turf War

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A genre-bending work of autobiographical fiction from one of Aotearoa’s fiercest and most versatile artists.

Like nothing you’ve read before, How to Loiter in a Turf War is a lucid, genre-bending, cinematic work of fiction from one of Aotearoa’s most versatile artists. It’s a day in the life of three friends beefing with their own city, Tamaki Makaurau. With gentrification closing in and racial tensions sweltering, the girls must cling to their friendship like a life raft, determined not to let their neighbourhood drift out to sea.

Fast, ferociously brilliant, crack-up funny and unforgettably true.

ISBN: 9780143778585
Publication date: 03/05/2022
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Author: Hansell, Jessica/Coco Solid
Imprint: Penguin Books