How to Live Korean


How to Live Korean

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How to Live Korean takes a deep-dive into Korean culture, unpacking what it means to be Korean in all its forms and uncovering the way the locals think, what they enjoy getting up to and who they do it with.

Whether it’s the explosion of interest in K-pop, the dominance of the global smartphone market, foodies going crazy for bibimbap and kimchi or the incredible hype around K-beauty products – Korea is having a moment. Having said that, how much do you know about the real Korea; the locals take on their amazing country? That’s where this illuminating culture guide comes in, shining a light on Korea’s compelling history and stunning geography, its unique customs and the quirks of daily life. The mainstays of Korea’s vibrant cultural life and style are covered in detail, giving you the lowdown on the country’s burgeoning film industry, Koreans unique take on fandom, the quirky fashion scene and the innovative hubs for art and design.

If you ever have wanted to learn how to date like a Korean, know where the locals hang out in Seoul, honeymoon like Korean newlyweds, discover the correct way to eat Korean food or use the art of nunchito improve your emotional intelligence, this insider’s guide to the heart and soul of Korea is not to be missed.

ISBN: 9780711257092
Publication date: 17/11/2020
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