Golosa 2 Student Workbook


Golosa 2 Student Workbook

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Essential text RUSS 230 semester 1, 2024
Essential text RUSS 330 semester 1, 2024
Essential text RUSS 231 semester 2, 2024

Golosa : A Basic Course in Russian, Book Two, Sixth Edition, takes a contemporary approach to language learning by focusing on the development of functional competence as well as the expansion of cultural knowledge.

The sixth edition of this bestselling communicatively based text for Russian has been updated by putting a greater focus on contemporary culture and simplified, visual grammar explanations that will better engage students. The program also covers the basic morphology of Russian (declension, case government, conjugation). The program has been the bestseller as a college Russian textbook through five editions since 1993.

Following on from Golosa One, Golosa Book Two is divided into ten units, organised thematically and each unit contains dialogs, texts, exercises, and other material designed to enable students to read, speak, and write about the topic, as well as to understand simple conversations. The systematic grammar explanations and exercises enable students to develop a conceptual understanding and partial control of all basic Russian structures. This strong structural base enables students to accomplish the linguistic tasks and prepares them for further study of the language.

Free audio and video resources are also available at 9780367612825 including the Instructor Resources. Print and eTextbooks are accompanied by a Student Workbook and a rich companion website ( offering audio and video material, instructor resources and fully integrated exercises to use alongside the text. The companion website, powered by Lingco, is fully available for separate purchase from Lingco. Teachers can preview the new companion websites and create their courses.

For resources on how to set up and customize your course, please visit the Help Center on the Lingco Language Labs website at It includes articles that explain how the platform works and what you can do with it.

Students may join their teacher’s course on Lingco and will be able to enter their access code or purchase access at any point in the 14-day grace period that begins on the first date of access. Students receive 12 months of access that begins after a free 14-day grace period.

Book Two is designed to bring students to the ACTFL Intermediate range in speaking (A2/B1 on the CEFR scale).

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