Find Your Power Meditation


Find Your Power Meditation

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Are you struggling to still your mind? Discover the power of meditation and gently focus your mind for a happier and healthier life.

You may already know that meditation and mindfulness can increase focus, reduce stress, quiet the mind and improve your health. However, focus and tranquillity can become difficult as we face numerous challenges, especially in a world where technological advances have consumed our daily lives. As a result, we spend less time looking inward.

Take a mindful adventure of self-discovery with Find Your Power: Meditations; a journey towards health, happiness and wholeness. Towards strength, peace and freedom. Towards becoming fully and fearlessly who you are. Explore meditations that will guide you to a sacred space, that sacred space within you.

When you transform your inner world, you will transform your outer world. More importantly, you will discover the unshakable happiness you have been looking for.

ISBN: 9781841815534
Publication date: 12/03/2024
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Format: Hardback
Temporarily out of stock
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Author: Hersey, Emily
Series: Find Your Power
Imprint: Godsfield Press Ltd