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Farm for Life

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The awesomely inspiring true story of how Tangaroa Walker turned his life around through farming – and how what he learned can help anyone succeed.

Tangaroa Walker’s early years were pretty rough. Adopted twice, he went to six different schools by the time he was six. He never read a book in his life and lived to play rugby. But he had a dream, and he knew how to do the mahi.
Today, T is a true community and industry leader running a successful dairy farm and reaching millions as the much-loved face of Farm4Life with his practical, inspiring, crack-up videos on everything from farming to fishing, finance to whanau, management to mental health.

This is the story of how T did it – the good and the bad times – and all the lessons learned along the way.

ISBN: 9780143775706
Publication date: 16/02/2021
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