Earned Life Lose Regret Choose Fulfilment


Earned Life Lose Regret Choose Fulfilment

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A powerful framework for living a fulfilled life from the world’s no.1 executive coach

Our lives reside on a continuum that roams between ‘fulfilment’ on the one end and ‘regret’ at the other. Where would you place yourself right now? And where do think you should be?

In his powerful new framework, the worlds’ number one executive coach Marshall Goldsmith explains that there are eight ‘satisfactors’ that impact our position on the scale. These are happiness, meaning, purpose, achievement, engagement, relationships, health and wealth. And he shows how creating equivalence between (a) the choices, risks and effort made in pursuing the satisfactors and (b) the reward received for doing so, moves us towards fulfilment.

Drawing on examples from his work coaching the CEOs of the world’s largest companies, he lays out three simple steps; living your own life, becoming a ‘one-trick genius’, and committing yourself to ‘earning’ every day to show how we all have the power to be fulfilled and to live the earned life.

ISBN: 9780241989654
Publication date: 06/08/2025
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Format: Paperback
Temporarily out of stock
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Author: Goldsmith, Marshall
Imprint: Penguin Books