Devils You Know


Devils You Know

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2022 Longlist Ngaio Marsh Awards

Vincent needs a change. He’s spent the last fifteen years in covert operations but he’s done with pulling triggers.

He lands a dream job in Santa Barbara as head of security for supermarket mogul Eugene Lamar: nothing more than driving the boss to and from golf, with ample downtime for contemplating life – and how to live it with a zero body count.

But there’s a problem: if Lamar’s business is legit, why does he need a panic room full of assault rifles, and a .357 revolver in his car? Vincent soon finds out that Lamar owes a big debt to bad people; he’s in deep and there’s no way out.

Lamar’s daughter Erin needs Vincent’s help. But how much does she already know? Is his growing attraction to her a liability? And can he keep her safe from the brutal killers who are after her father?

It seems that Santa Barbara is a sunny town full of dark talent, and Vincent will have to revert to dark talents of his own if he’s going to survive . . .

ISBN: 9781761066443
Publication date: 30/11/2021
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Format: Paperback
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Author: Sanders, Ben
Imprint: Allen and Unwin