Definitive Bucket List


Definitive Bucket List

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Spending the kids’ inheritance. Growing old disgracefully. Life begins at 50. You see these catchy phrases on bumper stickers, tea towels and even t-shirts, but all jokes aside, there is one thing we all know – no matter how old our driver’s license says we are, we all feel much younger at heart. And travel goes a long way in keeping you young. Inside this book you’ll find hundreds of holiday ideas across Australia and New Zealand, from luxury escapes to walking holidays, bike rides, train journeys, golfing trips, garden tours and unforgettable wildlife encounters. Now that you’ve got the mortgage monkey off your back and a bit of a nest egg to spend, time on your hands if you have retired – or cut back on the working hours – and the kids are old enough to look after themselves (even if they haven’t yet left home), it’s the perfect time to travel, particularly while you’re still fit and active enough to really enjoy it. After all, you’ve earned it.

ISBN: 9781741175745
Publication date: 01/11/2019
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Author: Atkinson, Lee
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