Cook’s Ark: the Animals that Sailed With James Cook


Cook’s Ark: the Animals that Sailed With James Cook

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Cook’s Ark is a fascinating account of the animals that sailed with Captain James Cook to the South Pacific, with particular reference to New Zealand. It offers a novel insight into an aspect of Cook’s voyages rarely touched on by other authors: the menagerie that travelled in uncomfortably close proximity to the men on board Endeavour and Resolution. From the tiniest mouse, poultry, cats, monkeys, goats, pigs, etcetera, to the larger cattle and horses, the reader follows their journey with Captain Cook. Dr Sutherland’s intensive research on the vermin, livestock, utility animals, pets and exotic animals introduced to the South Pacific not only reveals a fascinating glimpse into the life of animals at sea in the 18th century, it also exposes historic facts that were previously unknown or understated. E.g.: the old man who arranged the massacre of Furneaux’s men at Grass Cove; Aotearoa/New Zealand’s first ill-fated sweethearts (a 14-year old Maori girl and 15 year old sailor), and almost unbelievable, the name of the man who killed Captain Cook. Cook’s Ark concludes by linking animals introduced during Cook’s voyages with New Zealand’s historic heritage breeds of livestock.

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