Big Questions, Big World: How do I decide what’s right?


Big Questions, Big World: How do I decide what’s right?

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This humourous picture book helps children explore the big questions around what is right and wrong.

Questions include: Do other people’s feelings matter? Is doing wrong ever right? Is it ever okay to lie? Do my decisions matter?

The book is part of the series, ‘Big Questions, Big World’ for children aged 7 plus. With lots of humourous illustrations and different scenarios to consider, the books help the reader to gain confidence in their own ideas and to think critically. They are a great introduction to philosophical thinking and encourage the reader to learn through challenging ideas.

Titles in the series:

How do I decide what is right?

Why do we need rules?

What makes me special?

Why are we here?

ISBN: 9781526310187
Publication date: 28/07/2022
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Format: Paperback
Temporarily out of stock
Publishing status: Due January
Author: Dickmann, Nancy
Illustrator: Landazabal, Andres
Series: Big Questions, Big World