Better the Blood


Better the Blood

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Hana Westerman is a tenacious Maori detective juggling single motherhood and the pressures of her career in Auckland’s Central Investigation Branch. When she’s led to a crime scene by a mysterious video, she discovers a man hanging in a secret room. As Hana and her team work to track down the killer, other deaths lead her to think that they are searching for New Zealand’s first serial killer.

With little to go on, Hana must use all her experience as a police officer to try and find a motive to these apparently unrelated murders. What she eventually discovers is a link to an historic crime that leads back to the brutal bloody colonisation of New Zealand.

When the pursuit becomes frighteningly personal, Hana realises that her heritage and knowledge are their only keys to finding the killer.

But as the murders continue, it seems that the killer’s agenda of revenge may include Hana – and her family . . .

ISBN: 9781398512221
Publication date: 03/08/2022
Price: $35.00
RRP: $35.00
Format: Trade Paperback
Temporarily out of stock
Publishing status: Due August
Author: Bennett, Michael
Imprint: Simon & Schuster