Art of Oz Witches Wizards and Wonders Beyond the Yellow Brick Road


Art of Oz Witches Wizards and Wonders Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

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Through Gabriel Gale’s spectacular illustrations, we meet every fantastical and wondrous character from the enchanted Land of Oz. In his original and precise yet beautiful style, Gale portrays each character in delightful detail, including some characters that are illustrated for the first time.

On this journey through Oz, the fascinating Ozians are introduced by Dorothy and her friends, and include wicked witches and their armies, mythical beasts, elemental fairies, robots, insects, one-legged and two-sided people, and many more sky, land, sea, and underground creatures. Alongside Gale’s illustrations are select excerpts and drawings from the fourteen books in Baum’s Oz series. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was the best-selling American children’s book of the twentieth century, and the classic 1939 movie of this quintessential American fairy tale left a permanent mark on the hearts and imaginations of devoted fans throughout the world. This is the perfect book for anyone entranced by the everlasting magic of Oz.

ISBN: 9780789341013
Publication date: 23/11/2021
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Format: Hardback
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Author: Gale, Gabriel
Imprint: David Bateman