113th Assistant Librarian


113th Assistant Librarian

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If you liked The Grandest Bookshop in the World or The Book of Wondrous Possibilities, you’ll love this fantasy adventure story where books have power, cats are more than they seem, and the library is the most dangerous place in the city . . .

Oliver Wormwood is sure his new job in the library will be boring. Until he learns that books hold great power – and danger.

By the end of his first day, Oliver has witnessed the librarian’s death, been frozen by a book, met a perplexing number of cats, and fought off a horde of terrifying creatures.

With only a mysterious girl called Agatha to show him the ropes, Oliver needs to learn fast . . . if he wants to live longer than the 112 assistant librarians before him.

‘This one’s for you, book lovers. A thrilling, wondrous read about the power of books and those who keep them. Sign me up for a library card ASAP!’ Jeremy Lachlan, author of THE JANE DOE CHRONICLES

‘A sparkling fantasy adventure, filled with danger, mystery, magical books, and surprising twists.’ Belinda Murrell, author of THE GOLDEN TOWER

ISBN: 9781761342257
Publication date: 29/10/2024
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Format: Hardback
Temporarily out of stock
Publishing status: Due October
Author: Wilson, Stuart
Imprint: Penguin Books