Rebuilt: Inspiring recovery stories from quake-damaged Canterbury homes.
Thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed when more than 14,000 earthquakes and aftershocks hit Canterbury during 2010 and 2011. For many homeowners the task of repairing or rebuilding their home has only just begun. But amidst the upheaval, progress has been made – as the stunning homes in here attest. Ranging from restored heritage homes to brand-new contemporary homes on recovered sites. As well as providing their owners with renewed comfort, they offer a glimpse of the innovative responses that have emerged as people piece their homes back together. Lucinda Diack’s text is delightful and Juliet Nicholas’ photographs bring it all to life. This is a book that you will lose track of time, as you read the owners stories behind their homes. A great gift, but a book that you want to own yourself.

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